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"How disgusting." Izaya spoke watching Shizuo and an unfamiliar face enjoy each others company. He smiled before turning the other way heading back to his home.
It didn't take him long to figure out who the mysterious stranger was that would hang around Shizuo. He simply was taking a nice little stroll on the streets of Ikebukuro. He heard Shizuo call out the stranger's name as he walked over to her. Izaya watched as the two ahead of him continued into Russia Sushi.
"(f/n) (l/n)..." The name seemed to sound fitting. As he smiled and turned back and headed home.
"I like that name." He smiled to himself saying the name again as he hummed happily opening the door and stepping in.
"Oh Naime," He called out. "I'm home." He watch his secretary look up from her computer screen. Her stoic face never changed as she continued to go back to the screen and work.
"No welcome back Izaya? How was your walk?" He asked imitating a female voice. She glared at the screen before sighing.
"Welcome back Mr.Orihara. How was your walk?" She repeated him as he flinched a little at the 'Mr.Orihara' part.
"Just call me Izaya Naime. I've told you that before. I'm not an old man. Save Mr.Orihara for when my dad visits." He spoke smiling. "But anyway. Thank you Namie, I had a great walk. How was sitting on your but all day looking at a screen?" He asked her as she shot a glare at him.
"It was fine." She calmly replied making him frown slightly.
"Well I need you to help me do some digging." He said flopping back on his couch and leaning back. Namie, raised an eyebrow but not looking away from her screen as she continued to type on her keyboard.
"Oh really?" 
"I need to know who (f/n) (l/n) is. What kind of person she is, Where and who she is staying with currently, an entire background check. I want to know everything about her." He said smiling as he looked at his phone. Namie felt herself feel pity for the girl as she nodded her head. 
"Another life to ruin coming right up." She hummed as she began her assignment.

(Reader P.O.V)

"So your the famous (f/n) we have been hearing Shizuo mention often. It's very nice to meet you!" Celty's text read on her phone as she shoved into your face. Shinra smiled and greeted you too. Shizuo seen the text and his face turned pink.
"I only mentioned you once or twice to them." He said as you let out a small laugh.
 "It's alright Shizuo." You smiled. "I have mentioned you quite often in my conversations with my friend's back home." You admitted as he stared at you. Tom grinned and elbowed the blonde lightly as his face turned a deeper shade. He looked over at his Boss and friend as he winked at him. Shizuo sent a glare at him and Shinra who was about to say something.
"They are good things though so don't worry." You reassured him thinking that he may think you talk bad about him. 
"So where are you from (f/n)?" You read Celty's text as she leaned over the table to show you her phone screen.
"Oh I am from (C/N)." You said as Shinra and Tom looked impressed.
"Wow that's so cool!" Shinra said as you blushed lightly.
"So what's it like over there?" Tom asked.
Shizuo looked at you as well taking a drag from his cigarette and blowing at Shinra. Celty fanned away the puff of smoke that started to choke Shinra as you let out another small laugh.
"Well it's home. I like it." You said as Shinra pressed on.
"So you have been staying her for like 2 weeks now. Do you get homesick any?" Celty asked as you shook your head.
"No, I actually like it here a lot. But I will admit I was slightly nervous here the first three days. Until I made a friend." You smiled looking at the man right next to you as he stared at you. "Shizuo was the first person I met and got along with."
He snuffed out his cigarette in the ash tray on the table as the food arrived.
"Yeah, well you were all by yourself and those guys started harassing you." He said glaring at Shinra who was looking at Tom and pointing at him and (f/n) and giving a thumbs up. Shizuo flicked a chopstick at Shinra. He yelped as it hit his forehead. Celty held her hands up and then furiously texted on her phone and shoving it in Shizuo's face.
"DO NOT DO THAT SHIZUO!!!" It read as he gave a small smirk.
"Are you okay?" You asked Shinra as he rubbed his forehead. You gave Shizuo a small jab with your elbow.
"Ouch." He muttered showing no emotion of pain and then looking at you.
"I'm fine." Shinra smiled as you returned you attention to him.
"So non of you told me what you do for a living. I mean I already know what you and Tom do but what about you Shinra and you too Celty?" You asked.
"Well I am a doctor and Celty is a transporter." He answered.
"Transporter?" You asked as she typed on her phone.
"I work as an underground transporter." She explained it all and you nodded your head.
"Oh cool. I bet you meet some interesting people." You smiled as she nodded her head.
Shizuo quickly spit out his sushi and grabbed a glass of water. Tom, Celty and you all jumped at his actions and then looked worried.
"What's wrong Shizuo?" You asked as he set the glass down.
"Wasabi..."He glared at the sushi.
"Did we even order this?" Tom asked noticing the extra plate of food.
"Excuse me sir?" Shinra asked as a man came up to the table he had a Russia accent but acted like a local.
"Ah yes, those two girls requested me to bring you this plate it is on them they said." He pointed over to a table across theirs and you saw seen two teenage girls looking back at your table. They both smiled and waved while the one with glasses let out a giggle.
"Those two again." Shizuo groaned sending a glare over at them and then focused his attention back on you.
"Sorry." He said as you blinked.
"What for?" You asked looking up at him. "There is no reason to be sorry. I hate wasabi too." You smiled and patted him on the back. Shizuo gave you a smile and the rest of you returned to your meal.

(Time Skip!!)

"It was really nice meeting all of you!" You smiled as you waved at Shinra and Celty.
"Get Shizuo to take you over to my place and visit us!" Shinra called as Celty waved and left.
Tom decided to join with you and Shizuo as he walked you to your apartment.
"SHIZUO!" You heard a small voice cry out the man's name you looked at Tom who shrugged his shoulders at you as you stopped and looked behind you. You seen the two girls in the sushi shop come running towards all three of you.
"Hi there!" They both greeted as they began to walk on your other side while Shizuo let out a small growl and remained on your left. He tugged you closer to him and you looked up at him and continued to walk.
"Um Hello." You greeted them as they continued to remain beside you ignoring the glares the blonde male was sending their way.
"Oh wow." The girl with the glasses said her eyes slowly taking in every detail you had. "Your actually very pretty." She complimented making you turn pink a little.
"What do you girls want? Katsuka is out of the Country right now so just go away." Shizuo spoke as both girls glared at him.
"Actually, we came here to meet her." Glasses said again as the one right beside her nodded. You realized that they both were twins.
"Your both twins!" You blankly pointed out. Earning a deadpanned look from the non glasses twin and a small smile from the glasses one.
"Wow. Takes you awhile doesn't it?" She giggled.
"Oh but where are our manners. I'm Mairu Orihara." Glasses introduced herself first.
"I'm Kururi Orihara." The other one spoke smiling at you.
"Were Izaya Orihara's sisters." Mairu spoke leaving you confused.
"Oh well nice to meet you both. My name is (f/n) (l/n) and if you don't mind me asking who is he?" You asked as Shizuo let out another growl.
"Someone you don't want to get involved with." Tom said looking slightly fearful at the girls.
Kururi raised and eyebrow at you with her mouth slightly open.
"Wow, two weeks and you haven't found out who big brother is." She spoke looking back at her sister who looked shocked as well.
"But it figures that he would know about you before you knew about him." Mairu shrugged her shoulders and smirked. Her sister nodded her head and sighed.
"Yeah it's his job to know everything. Otherwise he wouldn't be a very good Informant." Kururi said as they bother nodded to eachother.
"Well it was nice meeting you (f/n). Bye!" Both girls quickly left leaving you confused as Shizuo tugged on your jacket sleeve and you quickly began to adventure back home.
When you finally got their you thanked him for the wonderful night and told Tom thank you and that you were happy to have met him.
"Hey same here. Come hang with me and Shizuo anytime you see us walking around." He smiled hanging back as Shizuo walked you to the door.
"I had a really great time. Thanks for introducing me to some of your friends." You smiled as he blushed and put his sunglasses in his pocket.
"No problem, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and got along with everyone." He smiled ruffling you hair. You let out a laugh and playfully punched him on the arm. He let out a small laugh and stared down at you.
"Oh here. Celty wanted me to give you this. It's her cell phone number. She said to text her anytime." He said pulling out the small slip of paper and giving it to you.
"Oh okay. Thanks." You grinned.
Shizuo looked down at you smiling before hearing a cough. He turned around and seen Tom hanging closer by watching the scene with a smile on his face.
"Well I better let you go." You said smiling sadly. He looked at you and smiled patting you on the head.
"Same place tomorrow. If your not there then expect a home visit." He said before leaving with Tom. You blushed and nodded your head as you unlocked the door to your apartment and went in.

(Somewhere In Ikebukuro)

"And she's really pretty." Mairu said eagerly as she received an envelope too.
"Here are the pictures you wanted big brother." Kururi said handing him her cell phone. Izaya simply attached a USB cord to his younger sisters phone and plugging it into his laptop. Clicking on the small folder he immediately went to pictured and pulled up the photos at Russia Sushi that Kururi took of (f/n) (l/n).
"Awww, Shizu-chan is blocking her in some of them." He frowned as he continued to click until he had discovered two good photos that showed the girl's face.
"I think these two I will keep and the rest can go in the trash he save the two photos of you and then unplugged the phone from his computer handing it back to his other little sister. "Thank you both so very much. You have been such a big help to me. Unlike some people I know..." Izaya smiled as his eyes trailed over to where Namie was. She scoffed and glared at him and the twins.
"Actually I found her Facebook and Tumblr." Namieireplied as Izaya's face light up as he hopped up from his desk and over to Namie's leaning over her and looking at the Tumblr.
"Aha, I was wrong to doubt you Namie. Good job. Take the rest of the day off." He smiled at her as she looked uncomfortable.
"So Izaya you never told us why you want to find out so much stuff about this girl?" Kururi said hinting around for her brother to tell them.
"Yeah is she like a new assignment or on your shit list like Shizuo is?" Mairu asked as Izaya shot her a look.
"Such language." He sighed as he gave Naime some space before taking a seat on the couch.
"As for your curiosity though. I guess you could say that this is an assignment." He said. "I am interested in this human so I plan on observing her and learning everything about her." He said laying back and crossing his legs as he looked over at his sisters.

(Time Skip In Ikebukuro)

"Izaya Orihara?" You stared at the woman at the register.
"Yeah I know him." She replied, popping her gum as she rung up your total.
" He's a handsome guy. Easy on the eyes." She smirked before turning back into a bored expression. "But he got my boyfriend fired from his job last week. That will be 200 yen." She said as you paid for your stuff.
"Izaya Orihara?" One of the Ganguro girls said. It was the one in the middle with long brown hair. "Yeah that asshole broke my phone." She replied crossing her arms while the other two nodded. "And he almost scalped her boyfriend!" The pink haired one added as the brown haired girl shot a glare at her.
"Izaya Orihara?" Asked Simon the man you met at Russia Sushi the other day. "Ah yes Izaya! Good customer always orders Fatty Tuna." He smiled before handing you a coupon. "We have good fish today. You no get sick!" You took it and said thank you before hearing someone call out for you. You looked ahead and seen Tom and Shizuo walking towards you. Toms hand up in the air before putting it back down when he got your attention.
"Oh hey guys!" You smiled as they got into hearing distance.
"What's up?" Tom asked as Shizuo let his shades drop down slightly. Brown eyes staring into your (e/c) ones.
"Eh nothing really. Just taking a walk." You replied as you joined them. "What about you?" You asked the two men.
"Working." Shizuo spoke holding no emotion in his voice at all as you three crossed the street.
"Yeah this guy were heading to normally catches up with his payments to me. But it's kind of odd that he would miss a payment. Now that I think about it." Tom said scratching his chin.
"Doesn't matter he owes you money." Shizuo mumbled as you looked oddly at him.
'Shizuo always seems so nice. What's gotten into him today.' You wondered as his eyes travel down to you then straight ahead, pushing his sunglasses back up on his face before lighting a cigarette.
"You smoke?" Tom asked you as you shook your head.
"Good. Nasty habit." Shizuo joined in on the conversation before letting out a puff of smoke.
 "Well were here." Tom said as he knocked on the door.
"Mr.Kazutano, You in there?" He asked knocking on the door to the man's apartment. You heard a small click and then the door opened slightly seeing a man who looked like he was in his 40's peeking out.
"Oh Tom! Good to see you." He also tried to intimidate a Japanese accent.
"Good to see you to? You know why were hear right?" Tom asked rubbing the back of his head staring at the man peeking out. He looked over at Shizuo and then at you before slamming the door shut.
Tom looked slightly shocked and then sighed as he stepped out of the way.
"Shizuo." He frowned as the blonde glared at the door.
"Yeah, Yeah." He sighed getting ready to kick it down.
"PLEASE!!!!" The door slammed back opened as the old man busted out dropping to his hands and kneels in front of Shizuo.
"PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON A POOR HELPLESS MAN!" He cried begging. Shizuo's eyes widened as he set his foot back down and back away from him.
"Mr.Kazutano. Your late on your payment." Tom informed him as the old man nodded. "This is a rare thing for you to do. Mind telling me what happened?" He asked.
"Yes, Yes! It was Izaya Orihara!" He cried out and Shizuo tensed up.
"Izaya?" You asked.
"Yes!" He started crying before you notice Shizuo shaking.
"Shizuo?" You asked looking concerned at the tall blonde man as he tensed up even more.

(Somewhere In Ikebukuro)

"(F/N) (L/N)." Izaya replied showing the three frightened Ganguro girl a picture of you.
"Yeah, you just missed her an hour ago!" The blonde one said nervously. She avoided looking directly at him and clutched her cellphone.
"You have a lot of nerve coming back and talking to us after destroying my phone!" Glared the brown haired girl.
Izaya blinked at the brunette.
"You know, your right. After what I did to you I do have the nerve to come up and question you. I mean after all it was your phone and I bet that wasn't a cheap phone either." He said making all three girls glare at him and nod. He let out a smirk as he reached in his pocket and pulled out his switchblade. "But if I were you I would be more grateful that you didn't get that pretty little face of yours slashed. Then you really would need to layer on the makeup."
All three girls let out a small squeak as he took another step towards them.
"What do you want with that girl anyway?" The pink haired one asked making him grin.

(Back To Reader!)

"Tom is Shizuo going to be alright?" You asked as you watched the man in front of you two twitch slightly. Smoke from his cigarette come out of his nose like some sort of Dragon.
"Yeah he'll be fine. Izaya just gets to him." Tom answered as you all stopped and waited for traffic to clear before continuing.
"But really though who is Izaya anyway?" You asked passing by Simon.
"He's an informant. A really powerful one too." Tom began.
"Awww, i'm flattered." You tensed up when you heard a voice right beside you. Shizuo stopped causing Tom to bump into him. You looked over and met a pair of brownish red eyes greeting you.
"Hi there." The black haired man smiled as he stuck his hands in the pockets of his jacket.
"Hello." You spoke looking back at Tom and Shizuo.
Tom was trying to distract Shizuo. But Shizuo continued to glare daggers at the man in front of you.
"You must be (F/N) (L/N)." The man spoke as you returned your attention back to him. You nodded your head.
"I'm Izaya Orihara." He gave you a cheery smile. "I must say your actually prettier in person." He looking in every detail of your face. "Kinda bigger than what I would imagine but still pretty."
You blushed and didn't know weather to take what he said as a compliment or not.
"Izaya..." You heard Shizuo growl.
You and Izaya both looked at the blonde man. As he place one hand on a stop sign pole. You shivered slightly looking at the state Shizuo was in.
'It looks like he's ready to kill.'
"Hey there Shizu-Chan." Izaya smirked darkly at him.
"Izaaaayaaaa!" He growled louder as you watched him bend the pole slightly with his grip. Your eyes widened as Izaya let out a chuckle.
"Really your going to act like a savage now when your friend is here?" He asked questioning the Blonde who threw his cigarette to the ground and stomping on it. "Fine." He shrugged and gave a wicked grin. "Show her the monster you really are."
Watching Shizuo grow even more angrier as he ripped the sign from the concrete ground.
"Oh god." You whispered watching him charge at the two of you.
"We'll meet again." Izaya patted you on the head before taking off in a full blown run down the street as Tom quickly jerked you over to his chest and out of Shizuo's way as you watched him chase the man halfway down the street until he decided to throw the stop sign at him. Missing and then continue chasing him until you lost sight of them both.
"Dose this happen a lot?" You asked Tom as he let out a sigh.
"Every time." He replied before offering to walk you home.  
I don't know if I should turn this into a series or not...I most likely won't because I am afraid that if I make a series I will get bored and not finish it or I will ruin it. So yeah I am debating on if I should continue this one or not. I got kind of bored finishing this one.bunneh icon15  But anyway...I hope you guys enjoy this and thanks for reading!bunneh icon12 
I do not own Durarara!! or it's characters bunneh icon8 
I do not own you.bunneh icon8 
But I do own this story! bunneh icon14 
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